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OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT REQUEST Today s Date Heritage College Student Please Read PLEASE PRINT Transcript forms must be completed in full. Payment of 5. 00 for each request must be made before a transcript will be issued* Full Name Maiden Name if applicable Transcripts take an average of 10 working days to be processed depending upon the time of year. Students may not receive official Transcripts These are sent directly to the institution indicated* Telephone Date of Birth MAILING INSTRUCTIONS...
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a new bill has been proposed in California that would require charges to appear on a college transcript with regards to sexual assault and rape so the bill has been proposed by representative Jackie Speier of California and it is called the safe transfer Act let me tell you a little bit more about this bill the bill would require a student's rape charges to appear on their college transcript for five years following the resolution of their disciplinary hearings this would make California right now the third state there are bills that have been passed in Virginia in New York who have put forward legislation that would require colleges to indicate rape charges on a student's transcript when asked about the bill that she has proposed Jackie Speier says quote universities and colleges are perfectly willing to include academic infractions like plagiarism on students records yet students who have committed sexual assault can walk away from campus with a clean academic bill of health she goes on my bill will ensure that students who try to transfer schools to avoid the consequences of their violent acts will at a minimum face the same consequences as students who transfer because they've cheated on an exam yeah so the people who support the bill think that this is amazing for women's rights that this is amazing for the victims of sexual assault that there may be this is justice on college campuses you know we have seen especially recently reports of increased sexual assault on college campuses and you know there has been so much debate on how colleges should deal with victims of assault or survivors of assault how it should be reported but then the people that do not like the bill the detractors of the bill say that this really is unfair and favors the accusers and really doesn't look into the rights of the accused so we have to have faith I've gone through these thoughts and I don't know if they're right but we have to have faith in the system so if someone is accused they have to be proven to have done the thing in order for us to then put it on their transcript I'm all for it being on the transcript if the charges are found to be accurate I feel like that's the the only way you can do it otherwise like I can charge anyone with anything and I'm not saying that people who charge folks with rape are liars at all I'm just saying that if you charge someone then apps solutely let's make sure the that everyone feels comfortable to say that they're charging someone with this kind of act we follow up on it we go through a disciplinary committee and council in preferably Criminal Court and then we find whether the person perpetrated that act or not if they're found to have perpetrated we have faith in the system that it did what it was supposed to do otherwise I don't know what to say and then I do believe wholeheartedly that that should go on your transcript because a lot of these a lot of these...